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Poster: OTRRArchive Date: Apr 10, 2008 6:14pm
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Re: Checkout & Other Problems (ATTN Alexis)

Ah, yes, I remember that red-row. As I recall, I had checked it in and out a couple of times in a short period of time of time. One time, it just seemed stuck -- I think I had just made a small description change, so I was willing to lose my text change, so I un-red-rowed it. Looking back at the history, it appears to be at the same time your engineer was moving it. I must have inadvertantly aborted his move -- sorry, that was totally my fault.

I know that some of our pages have been on different servers than what they were originally created on -- when I figured out that stuff gets moved behind the scenes when there are hardware or other issues, I stopped paying attention to the actual server names. I noticed a little while ago that this page was bouncing back and forth between different servers, but I've been on different computers & different browsers, so I really didn't put all the pieces together -- in any case, I probably should have mentioned this sooner. If I ever see something bouncing back and forth again, I'll mention it right away!

Speaking of different browsers -- one of my changes for the descriptive text of this particular page was to put the names of all the files at the end of the description block (making it a really long description). With the Firefox browser, the entire description including all the file names, were displayed correctly. But with Internet Explorer, the descriptive text was displayed but only the files names starting with A through around the letter J or K were displayed -- IE decided to not display the rest of the file names (I looked at the IE page source -- all the info was there, so it was an issue with IE, not I ended up removing the file names from the description and uploaded them as a separate text file. In any case, this was somewhere around the time of the red-row.

Never let it be said that I don't bring you interesting problems!